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Jump Start

“Alan Melton really took the blinders off our eyes to see the potential of our business and now you have taken us there. We are thrilled that you led us to increase our profits by more than $181,000 in 2012 and we are still improving today.”
-Charlie, Bus Sales and Service
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Business Growth

“Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much your coaching has blessed my life! Truly I know I would not be enjoying my life nearly as much as I am because of the many changes you helped me make. It all seems miraculous to me now.”
-Stephanie, Healing Artist

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Peak Performance

“Alan Melton first worked with me, then met with me and my managers, and finally with all of the employees. Our cash flow …continues to improve daily. After six months our profits had increased over $152,000, which is over $304,000 per year!” -Robbie, HVAC Business
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Coaching Benefits

  • Grow Your Profits- Guaranteed
  • Overcome Owner Burnout
  • Grow Your Sales
  • Know What to Fix First
  • Know Your Business Value
  • Grow Your Business Value
  • When Ready, Plan Your Exit

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If you are looking for a trusted coach who has walked in your shoes, you will find one here. You will find coaches who have owned successful businesses.

In the same way that the best athletes hire coaches, successful business owners hire us to take them to the next level. Our clients make significantly more, work less, and enjoy their life.
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